Supporting you child in his interests

Every parent should support their child in their interest–be it into sports, academics, and other fields. Showing them that we support them will encourage them to do more.

Here are some ways to support them:

  1. Always be by their side

If they are crying, do not hesitate to show them love and not hate. Do not show them they are not doing good but always encourage them to try and try again until they perfect what they are doing. Do not shout at them too as it will hurt their feelings. I remember seeing a parent once in one of the Coal Harbour condos I was visiting and felt sorry for the child who was being reprimanded.

2. Encourage them on their interests

Do they love going out and exploring? Do they love playing the guitar or hitting the piano? Do they love playing basketball or soccer? Did they show interest in ballet or in singing? Support them. This summer, there are a lot of workshops released by different websites which conducts training. You can register your kids’ name there and pay online as they also accept credit cards. Shower your loved one with support.

3. Have time for them

No matter how you say that you work hard for your kids and you do not have time for them, the hard work will always be nothing. It will go to waste when you neglect and find no time to even chat with them or ask them of what they are into. Let them feel they have parents who can guide them always and who will not bring them down.

Also, it is important to praise them in their works. Here’s a nice info graphic for parents.