A Review Of Wood Watch


Hi girls! I just bought some items for myself last week and with that, I want to review each item so you will know what my experiences are and if you want to buy them too. I bought in an online shop a couple of things—I boat three statement shirts, one running shoes for my gym sessions, and a wood watch. For now, I will be reviewing my wood watch as I am currently using them now.

So, let’s start. Well, Plantwear’s Zegarki wood watch is really nice. I started using its yesterday during my client meetings and one of my clients told me that it’s cute. Not only that it is cute, it is also stylish. I bought this brown hue because it compliments my skin tone, and I know it will go well too with my other corporate outfits. In fact, even when I am not wearing something formal, I think it will also fit my others clothes—for example, I can use it with my sunny dress for a casual afternoon date or with my black minidress for a night out with my friends. I can also wear it during the weekend for a quick outing to the grocery or for a stroll with my dog Frankie. I think this one is really an investment and it also so durable.