Be camera-ready with these camera filters

It’s already happened, what I mean by that, is that I think that Instagram and these websites and apps that keep coming up, are going to change the way that photography works. We already see it happening with stock photography a lot. There are some very good stock photography websites and resources, with databases of photos filled with mobile phone and cell phone photography. Some websites and databases deal with mobile device content exclusively, and others deal with it among photos taken by other cameras. I have to say, that generally I’m pretty impressed with the photography I see coming out of smartphones, and I have no shame in saying that. There is no reason not to be impressed, in my opinion. If you saw these photos, and nobody told you that they were coming from mobile devices, it would be very likely that you would not be able to identify the fact that they were taken with mobile devices. So, the fact that photography has so much accessibility now, the fact that anybody can pick it up using their phone, rather than investing thousands of dollars in very specific equipment that wouldn’t make sense for someone to be doing as a hobby, well, I have to say that I think this is the real game-changer that will change the history of photography. In many ways, photography is a pretty young art form. The addition of photo filter  and editing applications, and the addition of amazing quality cameras within our telephones, is something that of course sets us far apart from previous generations who have practiced Visual Arts… However, I don’t think that we will be alone in this as I as I truly do believe. I think that the democratization of Photography, and the fact that everyone can partake in it, and even the fact that apps are beginning to pay people to fill up their stock photography sources with cell phone photography, is just the start of something way bigger.