A Gift for the Mind

So, I’m really grateful that Juju store started being a thing, Juju is an online supplier of all sorts of really wonderful healing jewelry. I know what you’re thinking, healing jewellery doesn’t sound like it is a very legitimate thing but I have to tell you that it is absolutely is a very legitimate thing, I have no doubt about this in my mind at all. In fact, I have used Juju supply to purchase all sorts of gift for people I know who are in states of healing, and they have all been extremely appreciative, and it has had huge effects on their healing process. You see, I do believe that healing is very much situation of Mind Over Matter, even more than that, I do think that if you have a positive mindset, you will not get as sick in the first place, but if your negative mindset really sets in once you get sick, your chances of recovery are much lower. I once heard a story of a man who defeated a serious illness by watching the entire Canon of the Marx Brothers and drinking a whole lot of orange juice. Yes, this is maybe a myth, but the general idea behind the story has been proven to be effective time and time again, and it is why so many different elements of healing involve trying to put people in a better mood. Which which of course includes therapy and even things like Hospital clowning, when people have clowns come to the hospital to make children and adults laugh, it apparently raises morale in a way that is conducive to better healing. Trust me, they don’t do this stuff for no reason, there’s a lot of research.